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Thursday rapid fire

  • The art of bootstrapping in a small business.
  • A cool article on facial recognition technology
  • The navy still chases pirates!
  • The best old-time record collector ever. Adam and Stephanie will be this guy in 40 years.
  • A revealing interview with Cindy Sheehan – after reading the interview she just seems like a sad, pathetic creature and not the self-serving caricature she originally seemed to be. How she’s paying for her crusade is a question that to my knowledge no on has asked.
  • A relatively old article about Roe V Wade, choice quotes

    “Abortion rights have been slowly whittled away while we haven’t even been looking,” said Kitty Striker, 22, who decorated her hair with small coat hanger replicas for the protest. “That’s what’s so shocking and so scary to me.”

    Decorated her hair with small coat hanger “replicas”? Isn’t that like a holocaust survivor decorating herself with swastikas?


  • Jewfert

    No, An abortion SURVIVOR decorating herself with tiny coathangers would be like a holocaust survivor with the swastikas. DUH….

  • Steve

    You’re taking me a bit too literally. They’re decorating themselves with symbols of what they’re protesting against.