Monthly Archives: May 2006

Mind altering visuals

Going into a meeting with a large cut on your knuckles is a great way to get people to treat you nicely.

Granted, I told the truth about how I got it (bike wreck) which in and of itself doesn’t impress people, but it is an impressive visual aid.

Day two of my low caffeine life

The goal is to cut the caffeine intake by two thirds, which I’m doing. So far, the results have been interesting.

I’m not quite as moody as I have been, rather I still have the same moods, just not as extreme. I went to sleep a bit earlier than usual last night and woke up a little earlier as well. There seems to be marginal improvement on my attention span too.

Photos from the long ride

I’m a bit tired after my little 53 miler yesterday. The above photo is from somewhere along a little-used side road near Stone Mountain/

The above is the castle of Oakhurst (near Decatur). The below is some stenciled graffiti I saw underneath a railroad bridge in Decatur.

Yet another new record

I went 53 miles, and returned in total darkness. Happily no wrecks though. From Avondale to Stone Mountain to Lithonia to Decatur to Oakhurst to Avondale to my house. Some interesting photos to come, it was a pleasantly introspective ride as well.