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The 2012 Circus: My problems with Gingrich

Problem 1: His magnificent faith in government. Whether it be moon colonies or a costless war with Iran, his optimism towards every government act would embarass most Democrats.

Problem 2: low moral character. Say what you will about the institution of marriage, but the rules are clear. As we’re living in a sluggish police state I would prefer a chief executive who is not talented at rationalization and comfortable living with contradictions. Divorce is acceptable in a candidate, but since his platform is based on making the government bigger and bolder then his adultery disqualifies him.

The 2012 Circus: My problems with Santorum

Problem 1: his primary focus is social issues, and he seems to have no problem running on a “like Sharia, but Catholic” platform.

Problem 2: He lost his election, and then stayed in DC, which is an appalling lack of loyalty to his constituency. Perhaps my mental model of a senator is flawed, but shouldn’t they be their state’s biggest fans? And with enough affection for their home state to return after they’re done instead of cashing in?

The GOP biological problem

There has been much hubub about Arlen Specter’s switch to the democrats, saying they’re losing the “Moderate” wing. My theory: The GOP’s primary impediment is not ideological, it’s biological. They’re stuck with their corrupt deadwood, made even more rotted by their brief period in control of the legislative and executive branch. They have no credible voice on the current spending orgy because they haven’t been in the credibility business in any form for quite some time.

By getting rid of the old guard (albeit not intentionally) they would seem to be solving the problem.

I hold my nose

I hold my nose, club my conscience, and smother my scruples and voted for Chambliss today. Barr’s suggestion was important to me, enough to get me over my outrage at his campaign literature mentioning “Fiscal Responsibility”.

Incidentally my polling place was deserted, which points to a substantial win for Chambliss.