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    What’s wrong with German people?

    You would think that this article German cannibal jailed for life for ‘ultimate kick’ couldn’t get any stranger after the opening paragraphs of

    A self-confessed German cannibal has been jailed for life after a court here found him guilty of murder for killing and partly eating an allegedly willing victim he had met on the Internet.

    The court in the western German city of Frankfurt found that Armin Meiwes, known as the “cannibal of Rotenburg,” killed his victim to satisfy his sexual urges.

    Meiwes, 44, immediately said that he would appeal the sentence, signaling another round in a long legal process that has laid bare a hitherto secret market in cannibalism.

    but it really does get stranger from there.

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    There’s not much more to say…..

    Everything that needs to written about the current green line conflict (to use hip internationalist jargon) in Denmark has been written. I suppose the underlying theme is the need for people to participate in a society to a strong degree.

    It is a good display of spine by the Danes; I imagine we’ll see a lot more of this sort of thing in the future as multiculturalism wears thin for the Europeans, and diminishing marginal returns (as it becomes easier to move about that part of the world) on immigration.

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    A fine point

    I forget how I got to this examination of the French riots, but this is a pretty good explanation

    What you’re seeing in the riots now is really just the same thing that happens when the government tries to privatise some public company, and the unions go on strike.

    This is the French banlieu criminal union going on strike.

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    Long time no blog

    The riots in France continue. Is it me, or is it very strange that there is a national strategy on what is essentially a local law enforcement problem, albeit a common one.

    I still think some of the French politicians are playing a “the worse, the better” game with the rioters, to wit, the worse the riots, the more the anti-immigration sentiment, which bodes well for le Pen’s party. Or it could be that the French government simply lacks the ability to end the riots.

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    And on the 13th day

    The riots continue, and seem to escalate a tad.. I am a believer that this underclass was created by perverse incentives of the French welfare system, who have nothing to lose by indulging in Jane Galt “breaking stuff is fun” meme.

    That being said though, are the French actually trying to stop the rioting? Their efforts have been somewhat subtle. It seems like there’s something larger afoot here.

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    Are the French even trying?

    We enter day 11 of the European intifada.

    So now the French cops found a Molotov Cocktail factory and rioters are shooting at cops and attacking firemen. They seem to be doing a successful job of ghettoizing (or creating their own autonomous areas) themselves. I suppose the French will eventually call in the military once this whole thing starts to lose steam and then call it a triumph of civilization.

    One of the commenters over at the Belmont Club observed:

    But are letting the burnings and insurrection go on so as to give the Muslims plenty of rope to hang themselves. Perhaps a decision exists within the French government that Muslim labor is not needed when less criminally-inclined, less subversive alternatives exist in Latin America, India, Asia……and that they have decided Islam cannot assimilate and the riots are a good way of convincing the public of that fact..

    Which is an interesting thought. Not practical, and a bit too clever. It also ignores the (I think) obvious observation that when you pay people to stay out of the economy you create an underclass and breed resentment. I would imagine that would happen with most immigrant groups.

    Also from Belmont

    Car burning is spectacular, serious enough to get attention yet — and this is the vital point — not serious enough to provoke lethal force

    which is probably true. That means these things can go on forever and probably continue for another week or two. All of this points to large gains for le Pen’s far right party whenever their next election happens.

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    Hookers for the handicapped

    No, really it’s true. Be glad you don’t pay taxes in Denmark.

    The Danish government is under attack for paying for its disabled citizens to have sex with prostitutes.

    The official ‘Sex, irrespective of disability’ campaign pays sex workers to provide sex once a month for disabled people.

    The legal guidelines advise: “It could be of great importance that the carer speaks to the prostitute together with the person in their care, to help them express their wishes.”

    Via the Kaus of Slate

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    Fascinating and horrifying

    I recently read this interview with a terrorist recruiter in the UK Prospect. It’s quite long but worth reading. The recruiter is some unassimilated Pakistani Brit who seems quite terrifying in his certainty. It brought to mind two things.

    1. It is uncanny how accurate Eric Hoffer was in describing this sort of person in The True Believer as rootless, no strong family, no national identity, no sense of self etc.
    2. The current situation seems to be similar to the international(ist) unrest Trotsky had in mind before he was forced out by Stalin. That is to say; having active agents throughout the world with no strong connections to the center of the movement. The Global Guerillas blog calls this Open Source Warfare.

    And now I see this article on the French deporting radical Muslim clerics. Hmm.

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